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Apply for an internship at Cornelius + Krage Lawyers and Notaries Public

At the partnership Cornelius + Krage, you will have an opportunity to get to know the everyday processes of work of our law firm within the framework of an internship. In many cases, the contents of your studies will only become comprehensible in their practical application. We wish to help you to get that feeling of success - if you like.


Our interns shall experience the way of working of a law firm and participate in it. While, for concrete questions regarding the internship as such, a specific contact person is assigned to you, you will get into contact will all lawyers of our partnership in connection with work-related matters.

Interns can participate in talks with clients and negotiations with adverse parties as well as in official recordings of our notaries public. Depending on the respective prior knowledge, the drafting of simple letters up to comprehensive pleadings is possible, too. Of course, interns can accompany our lawyers to court hearings and local inspections.

Our partnership deals with a limited range of fields of law, which shows our high degree of specialization. You should see this specialization as an opportunity - this way, you will get an insight into fields of law that have not been and maybe never will be a subject of your training. In case you should already be interested in specific fields of law or develop such interest in the course of your internship, we are ready make an effort to focus on such fields.

Point of Time and Duration

In order to get a feeling of the daily work, you should allow yourself a period of four to eight weeks for your internship. Such a period of time allows you to get in touch with a representative selection of the matters to be handled by us and to watch their respective development.

At our firm, interns shall not just walk alongside; they rather shall be entrusted with appropriate tasks. This intention requires certain preparation. For being able to guarantee reasonable attendance, we have decided to offer internship exclusively during the vacation of the Christian Albrechts-University of Kiel. Please find the respective dates on the website of the university. If your preferred date should exceed that period a bit, we do not consider that a problem.


The internship offer addresses all students and trainees/apprentices whose professional orientation corresponds to our range of activities. First of all, of course, law students should feel addressed. But also students of economics/business administration, economic sciences, management courses or trainees/apprentices of the tax-consulting professions are welcome.

Our requirements are both, low and high. All we expect is interest and commitment. First-year students can apply just like examination candidates having their final exams coming up. Of course, the previous knowledge will have an influence on type and scope of their cooperation.


Since the number of internship posts is limited, please send your complete application papers (covering letter, curriculum vitae, copies of certificates and other proof) in good time, but not later than two months before the start of your internship. Of course, you can also send us your application papers by e-mail.

Preferably, you should tell us in your covering letter why you are interested in an internship at our partnership, when you want to commence your internship and how much time you want to spend on it.

In order to find out whether there is still an internship post vacant during your preferred period, you can contact us by phone in advance. Please address your application for an internship at Cornelius + Krage Lawyers and Notaries Public to Dr. Bastian Völker, Lawyer.

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