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Information on Insolvency Proceedings, Claims Lodgement, Downloads

The official announcements of the insolvency courts to be made when insolvency proceedings are applied for before court can be called at the judicial portal under

With the joint judicial portal of the federal government and of the states, the Federal Ministry of Justice and the State Administrations of Justice provide easy and uniform access to their services and information offers.

You can find information on the current insolvency proceedings handled by Cornelius + Krage Insolvency Administration in our

online information system.

The information provided for you is kept available on the server of an external service provider (note on data security) There, you can find general information on the insolvency proceedings handled at our firm as well as special information for insolvency creditors. The access authorization as an insolvency creditor (PIN) is sent together with the first letter to creditors after the opening of insolvency proceedings. Of course, you can file your claims online and inspect the course of verification results any time.

You can download the forms for claims lodgement as PDF-files:

Download - Claims Lodgement

Moreover, you can read general information on the lodgement of a claim in our information sheet (PDF file) that you can download in the following languages:

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