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Insolvency Administration as a Chance of Reorganization

Being one of the leading insolvency administrations in northern Germany with offices in Kiel and Hamburg, Cornelius + Krage Insolvency Administration is entrusted with numerous insolvency proceedings. Our experienced insolvency administrators, Dr. Carsten Krage, Wilhelm Salim Khan Durani, Janin Marholz, Tessa Hauschild and Dr. Matthias Wolgast, all of them lawyers specialized in insolvency law, are appointed as insolvency administrators by the Local Courts of Kiel, Neumünster, Norderstedt, Husum, Niebüll, Flensburg and Hamburg. There, they have managed more than 1000 insolvency proceedings of different scales already - from minor or large-quantity proceedings up to companies listed on the stock exchange.

With our highly committed interdisciplinary team of experienced staff members, we work for the preservation of enterprises, parts of enterprises and jobs as well as for the best possible realization of all remaining assets.

The continued existence of enterprises is in the focus of our activities. We understand insolvency proceedings as a strategic opportunity to bring about reorganization. Based on our well-founded specialized legal and business-administration knowledge, we take important entrepreneurial decisions in the course of the process of institution of insolvency proceedings already and actively exhaust all possibilities for ensuring the continuation of the business operations. This way, we have successfully led numerous enterprises out of the crisis.

Raum für DiskussionenThe confidence of all persons involved, especially of the employees and suppliers, forms an essential prerequisite for successfully continuing the enterprise and preserving the jobs. Owing to our many years of experience, we are able to give employees clear answers to their open questions in a quick and reliable manner. With reliable undertakings to pay, we moreover have won the confidence of a large number of suppliers and developed a network that creates trust and makes continuation feasible.

You can find answers to frequently asked question (FAQ) and further information on current insolvency proceedings as well as the filing of claims in our download area.

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